Sea-Kayaking Tours in the Faroe Islands


Kajakk.fo offers guided Sea-Kayaking tours in the close proximity to the capital Tórshavn. Sea-Kayaking in the Faroe Islands is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful nature and outdoors. You can paddle in Sea Caves, get next to Sea stacks and bird cliffs, and kayak in beautiful Sea-Gorges

Kayaking in the Faroe Islands is quite weather dependent, therefore we look at the local conditions to find the best place to paddle on the day.

Most places on the outskirts of the islands are very influenced by tidal-currents and currents joining each other. Therefore it is crucial to plan your trip using local knowledge of local conditions.

We have all the equipment needed, i.e. Sea-kayaks, Dry suits, paddle-vests, helmets etc.

We can do custom tours that fit your experience in the kayak and select the right location for you.

Contact us for custom tours

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