363 / 5.000 Oversættelsesresultater Oversættelsen We offer courses according to the IPP education system from the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association.
IPP1, beginner's course to find the joy of kayaking, in very protected waters, as part of a group.
IPP2, beginner's course to learn the most basic skills so that you can navigate safely in protected waters, as part of a group, or on your own. "kayak license"

GG! tað er ikki neyðugt at hava IPP1 fyri at fara á IPP2 skeið.

If you have special wishes for a course or date, you are always welcome to contact us so that we can find a good solution together.

Dømi: Rógva/Spæl á streyma sjógvi eitt nú við Hoyvíkshólm ella við brúnna um streymin. Teknikk uppfrískan, Instruktørskeið ella okkurt tílíkt.

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