Kajakk.fo is a kayaking school that offers courses on IPP1 and IPP2 level. We also do Guided tours, Group-tours/Company outings and rent kayaks to Experienced paddlers.

Our goal is to learn people to travel safely in sea-kayaks. Give you the necessary knowledge and abilities, so you can get started with this amazing sport. That gives us the chance to get out in nature and enjoy it from another view. also to see the rich birdlife and find the peace on the sea.

Off season in the Faroe Islands, are we working as kayak guides on expedition cruise ships, all over the world. 


Polar Guide
Vanja Davidsen

Sigurð Davidsen – Lead Instructor / Lead Kayak Guide

Sigurð Davidsen which is certified as Seakayak Leader Tidal, Seakayak Coach Moderate water with British Canoeing & (DKF-instructor 2 in Sea-kayak with Danish Canoeing Ass.) Sigurð has lead groups in the Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antartica

Vanja Davidsen – Instructor / Kayak guide

Is a DKF-instructor 1, and has experience in leading groups in the Faroe Islands, Falckland Islands, South Georgia and Antartica

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